Thursday, February 02, 2006

[DVD] Truman (1995)

There are many films made about the President of the United States, ranging from the fictional stuff like Air Force One, to biographies like Nixon, or event movies like Thirteen Days which recount how he goes about making decisions that would result in certain impact for the world.

As history buffs would already know, Harry Truman is the president who succeeded Franklin Roosevelt in the last days of World War II. He was the one who had the unenviable task of authorizing the use of the Atomic Bomb on Japan, and other exploits like having a hand in the creation of the UN, fighting for civil rights, etc.

However, this movie doesn't have an iota of exciting moments, as it chronicles the life of an extraordinary man in an extremely flat paced made for TV movie. As the movie puts it, everything in life came late for him, and we follow his life in his 30s as he seeks to enlist himself for WWI. Events come and go, like the discovery of the Manhattan project, and it feels as if it's made up of pieces of events joint together, with nary a little effort at gluing the pieces seemlessly.

Gary Sinise puts on a fine performance as Truman, but otherwise, this movie is too straightforward. Perhaps having put focus on certain events, and having an in-depth look at them, will make this movie more compelling.

This Code 1 DVD is bare-bones, which is quite a pity, given the tons of material that could possibly be included.

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