Saturday, December 04, 2004

After The Sunset

Originally Posted On: 4th Dec 2004

This is one of those heist movies, but filled with cliches and none of the suspense that draws you into the mastermind's plans on how to successfully pull the heist off.

This doesn't have an A-list cast, except perhaps Brosnan (who by the way was dumped by 007 producers). The rest of the cast were filled by B list actors and has-beens like Woody Harrelson (his performance here, I like, in a sorta cheesy manner). Salma Hayek is under used in this role, except for whining on retirement and sunsets. Pah! Who wanna watch sunsets with you, when there's a multi-million diamond up for grabs?

Nothing exciting in the storyline - a master thief decides to retire, but is brought back into the game by a local thug who makes an irresistable offer, a washout cop obsessed with the thief because of the embarassment suffered each time he's outwitted, and a complimentary twist at the end.

Nothing exciting at all, except perhaps for Salma Hayek's curves, which she flaunts each time on screen. And oh yes, remind me not to rely too much on modern technology for automobiles.

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