Tuesday, March 13, 2012


What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

A suspense thriller that had all elements of suspense sucked dry from its soul. Just how Joel Schumacher can direct Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman into 90 minutes of bore is beyond me, although Karl Gajdusek's story is extremely flimsy to begin with. There are countless of storylines involving infiltration of the home or a room by unnamed hoodlums, and usually they put you at the edge of your seat, rooting for the victims to somehow break free from captivity despite insurmountable odds stacked up against them. That's part of the fun especially when all avenues of hope seem to be extinguished one at a time.

But the direction here is pretty mundane, and lacks that bit to excite you. And to cap things off, there are so many plot loopholes, illogical development and just about plain horrid scenes that Trespass should have done will if it started to treat itself less seriously, and contemplate being a slapstick comedy. The villains assembled here have got to be the worst ever assembled for an infiltration job, without any clear leadership, and everyone running their own separate agendas which contradict that of their main objective, which happen to change constantly depending on mood. It started off with diamonds, then money, then kidneys, before deciding that it's diamonds, then money again. Make up your mind, people!

No acting accolades are expected here, with Cage and Kidman both able to sleepwalk through their roles - Cage shows glimpses of his motormouth, while Kidman spends half the time yelling at someone. The robbers have their mask to thank for hiding most of their emotions so that they need not act. And seriously the only positive takeaways from this movie, is for real life wannabe robbers to learn from their cinematic peers on just how not to run a robbery in the manner shown in the film, because it doesn't make any logical sense, and even for a movie, it's methods employed pointing toward an epic fail.

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