Saturday, January 07, 2012

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol in IMAX

Bigger and Better

Having watched the film for the first time in the conventional 35mm format, my curious was naturally piqued when I knew, through its marketing campaign, that Ghost Protocol had specific scenes shot using the IMAX camera, and this would prove to be quite the cinematic experience to watch it at our current solo digital IMAX hall. The digital IMAX format itself provided clarity par none, from image to sound, and having to see the stunts performed on a larger than usual screen, was quite the treat in itself.

Indeed why I didn't catch the film on this format first, was because the hall was booked out for a private screening on opening night, and not having The Dark Knight Rises 6 minute prologue attached to the digital IMAX prints (only to the 70mm prints) meant absolutely no hurry since there's a distinct lack of added incentive. But the stamp of quality was there with Brad Bird taking over directorial responsibilities coming off successful animated films like The Incredibles and Ratatouille, that double dipping into Ghost Protocol with this version, was quite a given.

Almost all the action sequences here were shot using the IMAX camera, and flitting between aspect ratios (to cater to the 70mm print size of the IMAX reel) was a big clue as to exactly which were shot that way. The most impressive was of course having Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt scale Dubai's Burj Khalifa, where IMAX's immersive cinematic experience meant having to put you right there next to Hunt as he makes his vertical crawl up the building, and then coming back down again, making it one heck of an edge of your seat feeling.

That alone was hands down worth the price of an IMAX admission ticket.

You can read my review of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol here.

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