Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I Spit On Your Grave

Revenge Served Cold

Unrated runtime: 108min
MDA Advisory: 104min R21 Passed with Cuts

There's missing footage, though I'm not sure if anyone in the right frame of mind would want to watch those four minutes, although I can vouch that the version without it, plays out like just another torture porn flick that makes its way to our shores in unedited form. One's propensity toward on screen violence, gore and mutilation will determine if one comes out of this screening feeling that there's no big deal about the uproar over the graphic nature of the film, or that even without those four minutes things are already unsettling, given that the subject nature is about a tit for tat vengeance involving sodomy and genitalia mutilation to give back what one has to suffer under the brutal hands of a gang who decided to think with their other heads.

The narrative flows like any other revenge film, from Kill Bill to The Crow, where the protragonist, in this case a young attractive female writer (Sarah Butler) has to suffer a nightmare of repeated sexual attacks by a bunch of redneck ruffians, with the filmmakers deciding to put as much on screen as possible before relying on skilled editing and fades to black to cushion the blows. That makes the first half of the movie, before she returns like a crazed avenging angel bent on sending her attackers to the depths of hell through the most horrifying of methods that involve excruciating pain.

Does this film celebrate the resiliency and strength of girl power, or is it just another excuse for filmmakers to exorcise their inner demons by doing vividthings that you can't do in real life for the screen, stopping short of snuffing it? You decide.

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