Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Back

Its death knell was perhaps sounded too soon, and with a new creative team in place and a postponement of its traditional April screening period to a September one, the 24th Singapore International Film Festival is ready to roll with the launch of a spanking new festival website where you can check out all the films selected for this year's edition, complete with the usual errors that I'll leave you to spot (becoming a feature it seems!)

There are some new sections being tried out for the first time, such as Midnight Madness (though contrary to its theme not all the films are screened late nights), having 3D films in the lineup and a Bertrand Tavernier Retrospective, in addition to others you can discover when you hit the festival website.

Sidebar events are now chock full of activities to excite the film buff, such as the Film Lab with 13 Little Pictures, talks by local filmmakers including A Night with Boo Junfeng.

Red Light Revolution (红灯梦), directed by Sam Voutas, opens the festival with the director and the cast in attendance for a post screening Q&A, and you can read my review of the film here.

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