Monday, July 20, 2009

[DVD] All Hat (2007)

Watching The Cows Come Home

If you haven't watched paint dry before, this film comes close to filling in that experience. Set in a quiet, lazy perhaps, small town where the happy campers are all debt ridden, and horseracing being a form of escapism, this film doesn't have a lot of material going for it, except to extrapolate quite painfully a story that could have had a lot of plain sailing moments thrown out. All the characters are in need of money, and it takes one hare-brained idea to translate it to riches for all its participants. Except perhaps for its chief villain, a spoilt brat looking at how to unfreeze his father's assets.

Starring a relative bunch of unknowns, All Hat doesn't thrill, doesn't engage and it certainly didn't offer what the synopsis on the DVD sleeve had promised. If anything, it just went to show how boring a film can result in, without really trying, by stuffing it with a whole lot of disillusioned characters all resigned to their fates. Except for 2 silly brothers who brought on that occasional laughter (only because it's so bad), everything else felt very contrived, as it trotted toward the finishing line.

Unless you're up for some very plain drama, you might want to better spend your time elsewhere.

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