Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Superman Returns Again

I need a Phone Booth, Pronto!

I had bought my ticket for today's show way in advance, as I didn't expect to get lucky for any previews. But MTVAsia decided to change my fortune, so there I was two days back watching it at a not-so-good theatre. But good thing it's at least the first screening of a non-digital version, so there wasn't any pop-cackle or hiss. Not that it was all bad, but made up for it with my original ticket for Lido 1 in digital format, sat at Row T which just about covers a person's peripheral vision.

And I tell you the second time around it's just as sweet, if not, a sweeter experience altogether. And given that nobody was sitting in the same row, I can unabashedly root for, cheer, clap, each time the Man of Steel saves the day! Kinda insane, I know, but that's what Singer's version does to you, really, especially for (closet) fan boys like me.

Massive Spoilers ahead! Proceed with Caution!

The classic John Williams theme was used to rousing, maximum effect each time Superman appears and does his heroic acts. I especially liked the part where he goes after the plummeting 777, and where he rescues Lois, Richard and Jason from the broken sinking ship. The effects were again top notch for both action sequences, but somehow I preferred the latter, the lifting of an extremely heavy boat from the depths of the ocean, and then with one hand grabbing onto the Whites, the other letting go of the junked ship... awesome!

With repeated screenings - this is only my second, I might still opt for the IMAX version even though it's without 3D here, I started to notice minute details, like

- When Supes crashes back to Earth from Krypton, the scrabble board in the kitchen of the Kent's home, has one word spelt "ALIENATION"
- He still has a dog in the Kent farm (Supes I)
- Martha Kent's truck is the same (model as the )one that he lifted up as a kid (Supes I)
- Jimmy Olsen is still using a Nikon (Supes I)
- The love theme is still kept, when Supes romances Lois and brings her on a short flight around Metropolis
- Lois' Pulitzer Prize winning Daily Planet article "Why the world doesn't need Superman" is dated 13 Feb 2005
- Daily Planet, in preparing two headline issues - Superman Dead and Superman Lives, it's dated 29 Sep 2006
- References to Lex being to the Fortress of Solitude before (Supes II)
- Superman's suit wasn't ripped off his body in the hospital scene. If you watched it carefully again, you'll know what I mean, it's removed (they were lifting his back slightly), though of course, for pace's sake, they need not show you everything.

So if you haven't watched Superman Returns yet, what's holding you back?

And please Mr Singer, continue with the sequels. I heard there are 2 more in the pipeline.

Singer has done to Superman what Christopher Nolan has done for Batman and Sam Raimi has done for Spiderman, that is to take iconic comic book icons, and recreate the cinematic experience for a brand new audience.

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