Thursday, June 29, 2006

[Gala Premiere] Re-Cycle

Mac was used in Re-Cycle ok?

The Singapore Gala Premiere of the Pang Brothers new film, Re-Cycle, took place at Prince 1 on Thursday night 9:15pm. The host, Peifen from Yes933FM Radio was on hand to liven things up for the eager crowd awaiting the lead actress Lee Sin-jie and one half of the directing duo Oxide Pang. To keep the crowd occupied, some games were played where contestants who answered some questions about the movie correctly, won a collectible T-shirt.

But after the third question, the guests had already arrived, and this was what they have to share with the near full house at Prince 1 - click on the video to find out more!

You can check out the full coverage of Re-Cycle's Gala, as well as the press interview conducted by movieXclusive earlier in the day, by clicking on the logo below

And I owe Overider one, he got my VCD autographed by Lee Sinjie! Yay!


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