Saturday, December 31, 2005

LSRS2 - Production Log #3

The script reading session was held yesterday night during our mX year end gathering. It felt different having the script on hand, as compared to reading off the computer screen. Naturally, some typos (there were two) were spotted.

I thought the casting for DICK and KONG were spot on :-D Well, it should be, since the characters were modelled after them (without the evil characteristics of course). We're also a bit off our planned short film duration of 15 minutes... it probably looks like a 20-30 minute short as of now. Looks like we've got to either tweak a bit to tighten up pacing, or shoot first and edit later.

Now we've got to sort out schedule conflicts, availability, confirm the other casting, location scouting, inventory check... lots to do before our first day of shoot (when ah??)

And oh yeah, just thought of a wicked ending for one of the characters who originally was just hanging there.. haha, and what's the moral of the story?!

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