Saturday, September 10, 2005

Night Watch Asian Premiere

At first when Overider highlighted to us of the Asian Premiere for NightWatch, I was taken aback at the time - 245am. Wow, I should be dead beat by then, given that earlier in the night I had registered for the showcase of Eric Khoo's short films screening.

To cut the story short, we managed 3 teams early this morning - I was teamed with dgital (gee, my body clock's all screwed up, it seemed like it was yesterday!) and entered the premiere organized by Power98. Got our T-Shirts which we had to wear as we played the game which started at 1am.

Group Pic

We've Got The Power!

About 80 people (my estimate) gathered and were split into 3 groups - the Light side, Dark side, and the Others, When we encounter each team, we should challenge them if they're not on the same side, with a best of 2 "scissors-paper-stone". The loser will have to convert to the side of the winner.

The Light and Dark Others

But that's not all - there were hidden printed 5-dollar bills all around levels 4, 5 and 6 of Cineleisure, and it's a one-for-one cash exchange at the end of the game. But when it started, I think more were interested in hunting the cash than to convert other teams.

What's in it to convert? The side with the largest number of members will be eligible for a lucky draw, which at the end of the game time, somehow all were members of the Light side, and each team were given a goodie bag with a Nightwatch toy, a CD, a pair of tickets to Nokia's Starlight Cinema, and a host of other stuff. 2 ladies walked away with the top lucky draw prize of a DVD player and a Red Army watch.

Unfortunately, I had no pictures to show as I didn't use my camera, but there should be some pictures up at the Power98 website, or let me see if I could somehow contact the lady at Warner-Fox (or rather, vice versa!), who took countless of pictures of the movieXclusive team who were there as participants.

The show was interesting, but there was this dude in the theatre who fell asleep before it started, and snored right through it. D'uh!

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