Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Phantom Of The Opera

Originally Posted On: 11th Dec 2004

I didn't have the money to watch the musical when it was in Singapore, and missed it when I was in London in August this year (another story, another time)

So when this Andrew Llyod Webber-Joel Schumacher collaboration came along, there's no excuse not to catch it on the silver screen (and at a reasonable price too)

What works in this film are the elaborate sets and costumes you'd come to expect from a Hollywood production (c'mon, in a musical theatre, there're no "outdoor" sets per se). The artistes in this film also manage to pull off the music and singing in this flick (well, I ain't a professional, but was entertained and satisfied). Little spoken dialogue when it could be featured with songs (hey, it's a musical!) Simply wonderful.

I shan't elaborate more on a storyline that most of you will already know. Go catch it if you're into musicals but lack the funds for front row theatre seats. You can't get any "closer" than what you can achieve in movies.

Ever since Moulin Rouge brought about a revival of musicals, am looking forward to see if Llyod Webber would translate more of his works for the big screen.

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