Saturday, December 25, 2004

Meet The Fockers

Originally Posted On: 25th Dec 2004

If this is a comedy year, then it's gotta be Ben Stiller's year, with films like Starsky and Hutch, Dodgeball, and now, a sequel to the hit Meet The Parents. It's a logical move, given the success to the movie, and a natural continuation to meeting the other set of parents, what more one whose family name sounds so much like an expletive.

The film wastes no time in reminding you why the first was successful, with obvious jabs on the male nursing profession and his Gaylord M Focker name. The first 5 minutes sums up everything you liked about the first film nicely - "I'm Watching You" hand gestures, circle of trust, etc, before embarking on the inane journey to Focker Isle, where things get, a little crazier.

Our favourite characters like the kitty cat are back, and joined with another madcap hump-everything-that-moves doggie. In addition, we have a baby on board who adds a new dimension to innocence.

Although some plot bits are recycled from the first, like the use of hidden cameras by De Niro, and then playbacked for hilarious effect during the end credits, none of it seems contrived and you just wanna sit through and lap all of it up.

Definite must see this holiday season.

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