Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Protect Citizens of Straight Laced Singapore with Rubbers!

We all have our personal favourite filmmakers, whose films we never fail to watch, and recommend.

And when your favourite filmmakers make an appeal, you want to help in any way you can.

Hence, Rubbers (套).

I chanced upon this film when the creative folks at 18g Pictures were incubating it sometime circa 2012, picking up a promotional postcard (at the Hong Kong International Film Festival), emblazoned with that picture you see right at the top of this post. It's kinda naughty, grabs your attention, and you wonder just what's brewing in the minds of the filmmakers.

After all, it's a sex-comedy. Heck, just that genre alone has piqued my interest since we're already done with horror-comedies, with a slate of bad genre films to have hit our shores in recent years.

Some details about Rubbers (套) have been released, that it's a collection of three short stories centred around love, seduction and punishment. The film's 2/3 done, and needs some fresh injection of funds to see it through completion. You can listen / watch director Han Yew Kwang make his appeal at Indiegogo, together with familiar faces in the 18g Pictures stable:

So, DONATE. You know you want to. Even if it's just to make the censors here work hard at tripping over themselves and getting all flustered when it comes to rating it.

But more importantly, this country deserves a vastly different voice in defining its comedies, rather than the same-old boring formula by the usual suspects. A little quirkiness doesn't hurt at all!

And 18g Pictures, has my vote of confidence to do just that.

Oh, and if you need more convincing, hit the Rubbers's Indiegogo page to see what the newly minted 50th Golden Horse Best Supporting Actress would be up to in the film. Don't say that good things never share, OK?

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