Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Raffles Institution Film Society REWIND showcase @ The Arts House‏

A series of 7 short films by Raffles Institution Film Society, exploring the imaginary distance between the lives we deny and those we desire. Rewind will be screened at the Arts House on the 16th of February. All proceeds will go to The Little Arts Academy.

Raffles Institution Film Society proudly presents

Venue Partner: The Arts House
Venue: Screening Room @ the Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane Singapore 179429
Date & Time: 16 Feb, 5pm and 7pm (60 mins)
Ticket: $9; $7.50 (concession for students and senior citizens)
*All proceeds will go to The Little Arts Academy.

REWIND is a series of seven short films that explore the imaginary distance between the lives that we deny and those that we desire. What if we are allowed to live a second time? What will we do if we assume a different persona? Is the boundary between desire and reality, after all, an illusion or a figment of our imagination? For every short film, the end is the beginning of another fresh new journey. Together with this premiere is a short film by local director Kelvin Sng who led the team in their creative exploration.

You can also check out the trailer for the showcase, which will give you a glimpse on the works featured:

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