Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Taxi! Taxi! / 德士当家 Trailer

Local funnymen Mark Lee and Gurmit Singh star as taxi drivers in Kelvin Sng's debut feature film Taxi! Taxi! / 德士当家, which will be in general release from 3 Jan 2013, making it the first local film off the blocks in the new year.

Then again, this could also possibly make a gala at this year's ScreenSingapore in early December, and expected to have some sneak preview screening during the year end holiday weekend.

Inspired by the slice of life of Cai Mingjie, who was at one time arguably Singapore's most educated taxi driver, it remains to be seen how much has been taken from his memoirs of sorts, based on his account on his taxi vocation in his blog, which has since been taken down (but is archived here) and compiled into a book.

And if you're really starved for more stories told from a taxi driver's perspective, you can do a little search online for others such as this one.

Meanwhile, here's the trailer from Kelvin Sng's upcoming film, which does, at first impressions, look a little bit Jack-Neo-ish:

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