Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Singapore Launch of Dim Sum Warriors (点心侠 / Dian Xin Xia)

In 2000, they launched what would become Singapore's premier satirical website, which spawned a short film, and grew into TalkingCock the Movie. Then in what would seem like an about-turn from comedy to serious drama, Singapore Dreaming, a moving film that most Singaporeans can identify with, was released in 2006 to critical acclaim, travelling the festival circuits and picking up awards from San Sebastian to Tokyo.

Now the creative team of Colin Goh and Woo Yen Yen is back with their latest project, Dim Sum Warriors (点心侠 / Dian Xin Xia), inspired from their becoming first time parents to their affectionately labelled Yakuza Baby (courtesy of Takeshi Miike's Crows: Episode 0), to focus their energies and create something that would appeal to kids, and also become a learning tool for both the English and Chinese languages.

It's an electronic comic book currently designed as an iPad app, about a bunch of kung-fu Chinese snacks (dim sum). Not owning an iPad myself, the launch today provided a first hand trial of the app, and it's pretty nifty, with the ease-of-use tools of the iPad being really intuitive to navigate through the comic book, complete with text and audio in both languages, which comes selectable, and switchable. If your Chinese is not quite up to scratch, like mine, Hanyu Pinyin is also available, and the text in the Chinese language are translated and vetted twice to ensure accuracy since this has potential to serve as a learning tool. How's that for meticulousness?

Dim Sum Warriors is currently available in the App Store, and the first two issues are FREE. You can find out more information from the website, and go Like Dim Sum Warriors on Facebook. Those on twitter can follow them here.

Yen Yen and Colin also shared another electronic comic book series still in the works, but I guess that's something for another time. iPhone and Android platforms are also on the way, and for those who prefer the old-school method of thumbing through a book, there will be the traditional print medium on the horizon as well so that you can still follow the adventures of the Warriors without feeling left out.

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