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Japanese Film Festival 2012

In case you're not aware, it's that time of the year again for the Japanese Film Festival, one of the most well received film festivals here in Singapore, with classics screened for free together with its ticketed contemporary offerings. Running from 1st to 8th July with a total of 19 films over 8 days, here's a message from the festival director Gavin Liu giving the lowdown on what to expect in this year's edition:


Hi everyone,

The Japanese Film Festival returns this July with 19 films over 8 days, from July 1 to 8.

I have included a brief summary of this year's festival programme.


Over the years, you may have seen the films like ICHIKAWA Kon's "Burmese Harp" and IMAMAMURA Shohei's "Hogs and Warships" but have not have known the studios behind the films. This year is Nikkatsu Studio's 100th year, and the festival is honoured to be able to showcase some of the critical hits from Nikkatsu's slate of internationally renowned directors. One of whom is two-time Palme d'Or winner IMAMURA Shohei, whose six films in this year's programme will include his debut film and his internationally renowned films like The Pornographers, The Insect Woman and Unholy Desire.


Since March 11, 2011, Japan and its filmmakers have grappled with the enormity of the devastation caused the Earthquake and the resulting Tsunami. Film production stopped briefly, and as budgets shrunk and got diverted, filmmakers considered their response and priorities. In reply, international film festivals from Pusan, Hong Kong to Berlin have given Japanese filmmakers a platform to reach out and respond. The festival is honoured to showcase two of these films making waves internationally - "Fukushima Memories of a Landscape" premiered in Hong Kong while "No Man's Zone" premiered in Berlin. These films document the undercurrents beyond the headlines, and the people who continue to be affected by the events of last March. There will be a post-screening Q&A with a Singaporean volunteer who will share with us her perspectives.


Each year we bring you the latest films making waves. Two of this year's films are debut films from very promising young directors. We have "About The Pink Sky" - award winner from Tokyo International Film Festival, and "Death of a Japanese Salesman" - directed by SUNADA Mami whose father is the focus of the film, and who was an assistant to KORE-EDA in "Still Walking" and "Air Doll". Director KORE-EDA's "I Wish" will also be screened in the festival. From the people who brought you "Mother Water" and "Megane" last year, comes "Tokyo Oasis". Capping off our line up will be "Life Back Then" and "Chronicle of My Mother".

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