Friday, May 11, 2012

[DVD] Petaling Street Warriors (大英雄•小男人 / Da Ying Xiong Xiao Nan Ren) (2011)


Some may disagree with me, but I thought this was one film amongst many made across the Causeway that has decent production values to boast about, with acting talent from both sides of the Causeway and is an action comedy genre that successfully emulated the formula used by Hong Kong in the 80s. It's unabashedly commercial and for the mass market, but it goes to show how far ahead our neighbours already are, while we continue to milk horror/comedy films with a slate that's expected this year, not that there's a lack of options already available in Malaysia with their many ghost movies.

You can read my review of Petaling Street Warriors here.

The Region 3 DVD by Innoform Media presents the film in an anamorphic widescreen transfer, with audio in its original Mandarin/Dialect track in Dolby Digital Stereo. The other language option is a dubbed one in Malay, since the film is a Malaysian production with a predominantly Malaysian cast and crew. Subtitles are available in English, Chinese and Malay and available in the Special Features as well. Scene selection is available over 12 chapters.

The Special Features consist of a standard Making Of (21:06) that has plenty of behind the scenes look at its recreation of the famed Petaling Street of the old early 20th Century, as well as interviews with the cast about their characters, and a focus on the wired kungfu scenes as choreographed by Hong Kong's Ma Yuk-Sing. Other features included in the DVD are the Trailer (2:08) and a Photo Gallery with 30 stills.

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