Wednesday, October 05, 2011

One Day

Free as a Bird

Based upon the book by David Nicholls who also wrote the screenplay for the film, One Day belongs to the class of romantic films that relies on a gimmick to carry it through and provided that unique proposition that made it stand out. And it doesn't hurt when you have two incredibly attractive leads in Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess playing lovers turned friends turned lovers when they hit it off not quite in the right note given the introductory intent of a one night stand, turning instead into a firm friendship of close to two decades.

But as the viewer we only get to see how they come together, or attempt to get together with varying degrees of success, every 15th of July, where we get to witness them grow up a little, develop their characters through their personal values and principles, tune in to their dreams and fears, and root for them to be together, even if they don't realize it themselves, or take too darn long to do so. Circumstances dictate how much time they get to spend with each other during what would be a close coincidence to always interact on the same day each year like an unplanned anniversary. And to see each of them drift off with other incompatible partner just made you wince and ponder over your own relationships, where we can sometimes become oblivious to what's actually right in front of us.

Those of us who have grown up through the 90s will find a lot of kick in the production design and art direction that stay incredibly true to the era, coupled with a soundtrack that took some of the best and identifiable songs of the time to provide that nostalgic blast from the past.

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