Saturday, September 17, 2011

[SIFF11] The Forbidden Door

I Need To Know Who's Sleeping With My Wife

I would have loved to write a review on this, but no thanks to the botched screening at Lido 2 which was played off a DVD that got scratchy twice, even after an attempt at restarting from the previous chapter which replayed what was about 10 minutes of what the audience had already seen.

Just when it got climatic with the aforementioned revelation.

The lights came on, and we were told the film would be rescheduled. Erm, hello, you think festival goers only watch one film during the period (maybe some do, but going by this audience tonight, most, if not all, weren't and some came from overseas too!) Moreover, there are films screened back to back to back, how can an empty hall be gotten at the last minute will be a sheer logistical nightmare, unless you're asking everyone to return on a weekday morning, say 9am?

I'm asking for my refund. Period.

Sorry Joko Anwar, I and many others tonight, couldn't finish your film.

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