Monday, July 18, 2011


Ice Cold Hunter

Who could have imagined Joe Wright, director of classy films such as Pride and Prejudice and Atonement, managed to embrace the action genre wholeheartedly delivering both style and substance in a film that reunites him with young actress Saoirse Ronan and bringing about a thriller that rocks on both its dramatic moments, and action sequences. What more, the Chemical Brothers have a huge part to play in peppering the film with a uniquely electrifying score that makes you yearn that they embark on film projects a little more often.

With a little mystery set up in the backstory of Hanna and her dad Erik (Eric Bana) who forges a parent-child, teacher-student relationship in the art of assassination just like what was recently seen in Kick-Ass, only this one less cartoony, sans costume and swearing, but no less effective in proving that the duo mean business. The story splits into two separate tracks where Hanna takes up a huge amount of screentime for Ronan to showcase her acting, and fighting chops, as the caged bird finally let free into the world, going about her mission yet wandering Europe (always the continent of choice for jet setting trips of sorts) with wide eyed wonderment, while Bana has it easier with a singular mission in proceeding to a rendezvous location, but not before allowing Joe Wright to once again flex that continuous long take muscle that culminates in a one versus many situation.

Plenty of fairy tale imagery comes into play to highlight the protagonist's innocence in contrast to how effective a killer she's actually trained to be, and Cate Blanchett throws in a gleefully wicked role that epitomes pure evil. Everything else remains pretty straight forward, and essentially becomes an inevitable Saoirse Ronan vehicle.

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