Monday, May 02, 2011

3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy (3D肉蒲團之極樂寶鑑)

No, not yet, this film has not come to Singapore despite a trailer from Golden Village already put up on YouTube many weeks back, that you can watch here:

which you can tell is pretty much, well, nothing to see, compared to a different cut of the trailer that can be seen here instead, showing off more 3D action:

that sort of rounds up the notion whether the film will eventually make it here, and whether we will get the snipped version of it with 18 minutes reportedly omitted to fall into MDA guidelines.

The first 3D Category III film (well, the title of first 3D soft-porn film has already been claimed by some other film) has already been released in HK and smashing the box office there, undoubtedly also fueled by curiosity of the 3D format being applied for a genre ubiquitous to HK, and of course, Vonnie Lui's appearance.

Who is Vonnie Lui? This is she:

But this just in - which is too funny to pass up - that audiences found the film a bit wanting! A review has been put up expressing the writer's disappointment and frustration with the film, and HK actor/comedian Chapman To gave it a read... and expectedly turned it into something quite hilarious!

You can listen in, especially a must if you understand Cantonese, though do note it's NSFW for the profanity in the review which Chapman reads out, and minor spoilers too:

and of course if you need an English Translation, get it right here, which is the posting that I first saw this from. Enjoy!


Mr. G said...

Sex and Zen 1 was mediocre and boring, but I really liked 2 cos of Shu Qi and the other chick i think its veronica or something, they were awesome.

Stefan S said...

That should be Loletta Lee :-)

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