Monday, April 11, 2011

Love & Other Impossible Pursuits

Did You Really Dance in Black Swan?

Before we get to see more of Natalie Portman in the Marvel big budgeted film Thor in a buildup toward the 2012 Avengers movie, we get to watch her perform in this modestly budgeted drama where she plays "the other woman" who had wrecked the marriage of her boss, a prominent lawyer played by Scott Cohen, and his doctor wife played by Lisa Kudrow, and observe the meandering relationship crisis her character finds herself in, tussling with plenty of negative issues from trying to build trust with her stepson (Charlie Tahan), and coming to terms with a cheating dad (Michael Cristofer) in what would be a setting of the mould like Father like Daughter.

But this film by writer-director Don Roos gets extremely bogged down by its woes and negativity, making it quite the endurance test to sit through it all. Scenes get played out without much emotional oomph, and frankly the problems that surface here are what you would deem as unnecessary yet not unexpected since the adulterous pair knowingly embarked on their illicit relationship with their eyes wide open, with full awareness of the complications that will come their way. This of course incurs the wrath of a very cross Lisa Kudrow, probably in her first role where I don't see her smile, and have so much venomous spite coming out, that this break from routine would be that little glimmer of hope to tide you through an uninspiring storyline.

Don't expect much from anything else, as the cast of relative unknowns didn't deliver any notable performances, where even the young kid tried too hard to be smart alecky and came across as terribly annoying. Not Natalie Portman's brightest moment, though it's without a doubt her Oscar win would have allowed this film to gain fresh legs in having a refreshed theatrical release. You have been warned.

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akm said...

I do think you were too casual in writing off a quietly touching film whose themes obviously didn't reasonate with you. It did for me. But i supposed you need to experience a loss near to that magnitude to appreciate it.

At no point did i feel that the film was "quite the endurance test to sit through it all". Also, if you felt that "scenes get played out without much emotional oomph", I think you have the sensitivity of an elephant, or whatever creature with an exceedingly thick hide.

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