Wednesday, March 30, 2011

KINKS The Movie Contest!

Juliane Block, German, and Virginia Kennedy, Australian, both based in Asia, will soon have their new film KINKS shown in Singapore's Sinema Old School in July. KINKS is a feature mockumentary shot in Malaysia, trying to take the piss out of reality TV shows and racism. Check out the Trailer here:

As a run up to the screening, the filmmakers are running a Contest off its official movie webpage and runs from now until 30th April 2011. The winner will be announced no later than 15th May 2011, and will be paid either via bank transfer or cheque if he/she comes from Malaysia, or transferred via Paypal if you're from the rest of the world.

You can click here to see what you need to do to win RM$500 (US$160), and to understand the contest theme and regulations.

Meanwhile, for those who prefer to sit on the sidelines while others have fun, take a look at the Synopsis which goes:
Kinks is a mockumentary style feature film. The movie takes a cynical but nevertheless humorous look at two inter-racial sisters who appear far from alike. Inside and outside. One is white and one is dark.

Split up as children, because their parents divorced, the film starts when they finally meet again after years growing up on separate continents. On meeting it is obvious their agendas are as different as their looks. The fiercely competitive, western educated Caucasian looking Jay wants international success for her cross cultural dating show. She returns to Malaysia to produce her dream, a reality show for the American market. To succeed she needs it to be as outrageous as possible. Jay’s Malaysian sister, Joythi, the Indian looking darker one, happens to work for Ministry of Culture. She is more introverted and has to learn to stand up to her sister while desperately trying to keep her job, while in charge to establish some decency in Jay’s misguided production.

Clashes are inevitable!

The story of this mockumentary feature evolves during the two weeks production of the dating show pilot. Through the seemingly different sisters, Jay and Joythi the audience will witness first hand all the bruised egos, crazy accusations and extreme cultural clashes and misconceptions between East and West but also the similarities of two sisters being eventually just humans.

Watch for it!

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