Sunday, September 19, 2010

[Short] Red Princess Blues

Guess Who?

It's not everyday that you get something in your mailbox that screams out at you to put it into the player immediately, but Alex Ferrari's Red Princess Blues, an 11 minute short film, just compelled me to do just that, having seen the trailer already online:

and been anticipating the film's arrival since. I am not disappointed.

The short is based on Alex Ferrari's feature length screenplay, and everything put into this short film spells quality, from the production sets and design, to costuming and the highlight of the film - the fight sequences. Seeing how Hollywood does the shaky-cam to death to compensate for the lack of ingenuity in designing proper fight scenes where you can actually see something, and more importantly, feel every blow, Ferrari's technique here becomes like the 101 guide on how to execute action to perfection.

But before you get to that stage, the set up of the story tells of a young teenage girl Zoe (Tabitha Morella) being lured into a carnival tent by a burly Rimo (Richard Tyson), only to find that his invitation is more than she had bargained for. Offending him in trying to make her escape, the titular Princess (Rachel Grant appears to save the day, which of course means pulling out all the stops to teach Rimo and anyone else standing in her way, a thing or two about respect.

Truth is this short film works like a teaser or a showreel to a promising feature film, and there are a number of questions here that will of course go unanswered, such as why Zoe was found hanging around outside of the carnival tent waiting to be picked up, and the probable rich background of the Princess and her abilities. The potential of an extended story just leaves one salivating at what can actually be done should a feature film be green lit, but for now, you can partake in this potential by checking out the link below:

Purchase the Red Princess Blues App from this link for your iPhone, iPod or iPad, and for US$0.99 not only do you get the film, but other exclusive content such as behind the scenes videos amongst others. So what are you waiting for?

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