Friday, June 25, 2010


Hello Gorgeous

I guess fans of Amanda Seyfried cannot experience the bold sacrifice she took to star in the Atom Egoyan film Chloe, since her same-sex scenes got butchered totally in Singapore, leaving the thriller much poorer as the watered down version made it just above average rather than to allow the audience to fully appreciate her courageous attempt at trying her hand at a character that doesn't read nerdy like in Jennifer's Body, confused as in Dear John, or just plain wholesome with Mamma Mia! and Letters to Juliet.

The last film of Atom Egoyan that got screened here, Where The Truth Lies, was slapped with the highest possible rating R21 and as far as I can recall, was screened without a single cut, despite scenes showing a threesome and again with same sex scenes. And this one here actually had that crucial moment where the characters connect both on a physical and emotional level, that the notion of exploiting another person as a proxy to a third party, got totally lost. So it's really your choice to want to go ahead with this in the cinemas, or decide not to altogether.

Which will be a pity, since it stars A-listers Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson, alongside Seyfried as the temptress who got hired by Moore's Catherine, who is suspicious that her husband David (Neeson) was having an affair, and will make no hesitation to bed Chloe should she start to seduce him. Wanting proof of his infidelity, you can say that Catherine's quite the sucker for punishment. Acting is superb all round as even Seyfried ups her game here to hold her own against the veterans, and truly she's one of the up and coming actresses of her generation that deserves a closer look at.

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