Sunday, March 21, 2010

[HKIFF 2010 Post Screening] Really Crossing Hennessy

It's quite the no-brainer that I've decided to walk back to my hotel going back along Hennessy Road, but this time since my friend had confirmed my suspicion of the location of the Cha Chan Teng that was featured in the film, I thought I would probably grab something to eat there, since it's way past dinner time.

From afar it looked like there were already like-minded people doing what I intended to do, after the gala premiere...

But hey, it's the director Ivy Ho, and Tang Wei, both at the entrance doing an impromptu interview session with members of the press!

The doors behind them to the shop were closed of course, but it looked more like they, and a lot more others, were probably interrupted in some private party, but nonetheless were game enough to do a quick interview session with a crowd amassing outside the shop, which had inevitably built up as there was also a busy bus stop in front.

The "rules and regulations" of the teahouse, which because I'm not wanting to embarrass myself with my half-past-six Cantonese, I'm opening this up to anyone wanting to have a go at interpreting this list:

And a closer look at the shop's name, for those interested in visiting thee growing list of locales that have been featured in a Hong Kong Film. Hmm... I think I'll probably do breakfast there tomorrow!

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