Monday, August 03, 2009

The Proposal


For what it's worth, The Proposal works for a formulaic romantic comedy that comes out of the Hollywood assembly line, if only because the chemistry between leads Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock is in top form, and a story that had plenty of family sentimentalities.

While it's easy to box this up in the same corner as The Devil Wears Prada for Bullock's equally scintillating performance as the bossy-bitch from hell, what would likely put you in the mood for a fun time is the first few minutes of the film, where anyone who had worked, or are still working in an office, will find many reason to laugh about. It's office politics to the max, and the backstabbing, front smiling attitudes could come as near as your friendly personal executive assistant.

The other plus would be Reynold's performance here. While I had enjoyed his roles in Definitely, Maybe and countless of other Alpha types (soon to come, his Green Lantern!), he's perfected the clueless look here in the film that has to be seen to believe, which in part brought on enough laughter because of the way Bullock's Margaret Tate corners him to accepting her bribe of marriage so that she can't be deported, and Reynold's Andrew having to play along otherwise he's out of a job. And this look, barb and banter between the two continue into Meet-the-Parents type of scenarios as the duo make their way back to Alaska to meet up with Andrew's family.

On a more serious and meaningful note of course is how the message of family, and devoting time to where it really matters, will catch on since the family members, especially the granny played by Betty White, will endear you to them, and in the end, make this one really heartstring tugging finale, despite knowing from a mile away how it will all conclude.

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