Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, What Happened In The Other Movie?

If Jesus were to be put in an action-adventure flick, would this be it? James Cavizel's role in The Passion of the Christ would instantly make one fondly recall that role should any subsequent ones have an inkling of him being the lone, unstoppable hero who descended from the skies. An alien lifeform who looks human, he gets sent down to Earth in an accident, and sharing the same vessel is a beast known as a Moorwen, looking very much like a Predator-Alien hybrid.

Being a Science Fiction cum Viking action adventure, it is actually two distinct portions of the movie glued together, and the end result is unfortunately quite laughable. Unintentional comedy came from bad lines, and the cheesy ones will just make you roll your eyes. Characters look and feel like those from The Lord of the Rings (Gandalf? Eowyn?) and there are so many more moments in the film that seem like a deja-vu from elsewhere, you're likely to find it fun identifying each and every one of those movies.

The special effects were quite appalling to begin with too, but thankfully it improved as the film wore on, especially in the area of creature design and the harnessing of technology to give it a more refined and menacing look. But alas, whatever transpired in between culminating in that monster hunt, was something right out of generic Viking movies and even Beowulf too, making it a rather ordinary narrative from start to end, with little to excite.

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