Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2 Faces of My Girlfriend


And just when I thought I'd lost my mojo for romantic comedies, this Korean movie restored my faith in the genre. It's almost pitch perfect, have likable leads, contain both zany comedy, smart visual gags and some tear jerking moments, while on the whole providing a conventional, but not that predictable a storyline. And perhaps it's because there were moments in it that resonated with my personal life from an extremely long time back that did the trick of clicking with some scenes, some of course the nicer memories, while others the obviously not so pleasant.

For some strange reason, the song "Take a Picture" by Filter (not in the soundtrack of course) kept playing in my mind while viewing the film, and I thought the title was precisely what the male lead should have done. But of course the filmmakers and the story had a better way to address it, and close it oh-so-nicely.

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