Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My DNA Says I Love You (基因決定我愛你)

I'm a Cleanliness Freak

I watched director Robin Lee's first feature film, The Shoe Fairy, last year when it was part of the FOCUS: First Cuts series of movies, which showcased the works of up and coming Asian directors. amongst which I rated Crazy Stone and My Mother is a Belly Dancer as tops.

Robin Lee continues with her whimsical style and stories with My DNA Says I Love You. Perfectly breezy, nothing sophisticated in terms of storyline nor emotional depths. A lightweight drama with some comedy thrown in done saccharine sweet style which you will cringe or roll your eyes at, depending on your tolerance level. The good looking cast is a bonus too.

To read my review of My DNA Says I Love You at movieXclusive.com, click on the logo below:

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