Saturday, June 30, 2007

[Short] Ah Ma

Ah Ma, the local short film which was selected for the 60e Cannes Film Festival to compete in the Les Courts Metrages En Competition for the Palme d'Or Short Film award, nearly walked away with the top prize, but settled for a Special Distinction award, which is a mean feat in itself, having been 1 amongst 11 others chosen from a pool of 3000 short films from around the world.

Naturally, the curious amongst us have a chance to view Ah Ma, directed by Anthony Chen, on the big screen, courtesy of GV's screening of the short at Cinema Europa prior to The Flying Scotsman.

Made on a budget of S$10,000, it is without a doubt that Ah Ma is well shot. Veering to the artistic film corner, it is a contemplative yet simplistic piece which is based on Anthony's own Ah Ma on her deathbed, and the camera capturing a snapshot of the moment, of the emotions felt by each member of the family. With some recognizable faces from local television and movies, I thought the scene stealer was the little boy, whom I thought was a character perfectly captured during times of impending death - the childlike innocence unaware of the grief of the immediate family, and continues to behave as such in its own little world, unburdened by any thoughts of remorse and regret, of perhaps not spending enough time, or perhaps losing the opportunity to make amends of sorts.

Now I know how an award winning short should look like ;)

However, in today's screening, it seemed that most of the audience (of 7) were oblivious to the screening of Ah Ma. Some wondered loudly if GV had played the wrong movie, and though some posters were put up, honestly none were prominent enough. While the papers have mentioned this special screening arrangement, it does seem that these folks don't read much too.

Some had the audacity to talk loudly and laugh at the movie (I seriously don't think anyone can laugh at scenes of deathbeds), but the worst behaviour exhibited was this man who got up, played with the Cinema Europa entrance door, talked loudly to the ushers that I could make out "what kind of movie is this? I do not watch such productions!", walked in and out of the theatre hall, before asking how long is it, and left the theatre only to return just after The Flying Scotsman got played.

I mean, if you don't like, can just sit down and shut the fuck up right? Serves you right for your ignorance, got free movie/short also complain, might as well watch Scotsman in another cinema chain if you just want to watch that movie. Oh, I think you must be one of those who don't read too.

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