Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Kopi With Royston

massb, Overider and myself conducted an interview with local director Royston Tan over the weekend, and he was very kind to oblige with our request for a Sunday (yes! Sunday!) noon brunch session. You see, massb is in the army, so weekends are his best bet, since he had prepared for this interview for months, don't let the preparation efforts go to waste.

Overider and myself actually were early, too early in fact, despite deliberately missing a bus, but then we had a good time at the kopitiam waiting, talking, waiting, bugging massb, rinse and repeat.

And since it was a laidback Sunday session, I'd bet here's a side of Royston that many of you have not seen in photos before. Quite cool with the shades, like WKW :D

Here's one picture for the album!

LtoR: Randy Jackson, Royston, myself and Overider

In any case, you can read more about the interview at movieXclusive by clicking on the logo below

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