Tuesday, May 16, 2006

On the Partial Trail of the Da Vinci Code

I was in a whirlwind tour of Europe in August '04 (time flies I tell you), way before I read the Da Vinci Code, hence this is the Partial Trail, as I didn't set out at all to hunt down the famous locales (ok, so some were already famous in their own right).

Enjoy the photo essay (at least I got more than 3 photos LOL *muffled subtle jibe*)


Bonjour! Le Tour Eiffel!

La Pyramide of Musee du Louvre. Da Vinci Code's locale of choice. We begin and end the story here.

Under La Pyramide. No, the Holy Grail ain't here.

Inside Musee du Louvre. Silas gunned down Sophie's grand-papa along a corridor that looked like this.

The Mona Lisa, by Leonardo Da Vinci, behind a protective glass, surrounded by barricades. You can easily find your way to her by just following the general crowd movement. Everybody's favourite controversial chick.

And I mean everybody!! (Despite the "no flash photography" signs all around, obviously some folks *ahem* can't read)

Streets of Paris from Arc de Triomphe, Robert and Sophie gonna race a lot on the roads in their tiny Smart car

Think they'll make a turn around Arc de Triomphe too...

And we bid farewell to Paris, for...


View from River Thames

Where the buses are red (and the old classic buses phased out)

And the classic phone booths (one local call S$3 ah, damn ex)

Ain't that phone booth familiar?

Road crossings are clearly marked out, so Americans like Robert won't get lang-garred looking the wrong way first

Westminster Abbey, major sequence takes place here, the revelation of true motives

Another view of Westminster Abbey

The Entrance

The Exit

So... what about the inside? No photography, ok? Must watch the show to give you an idea (even then, it's a recreated set)

And yup, my gut feel is that there will be a sequel to this movie - Angels and Demons (actually a prequel), but that's a photo essay for another two Cities, Rome and The Vatican, for another day :-D

Castel Sant Angelo, the Illuminati Lair!

Piazza San Pietro from Atop Basiilica San Pietro

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