Monday, January 02, 2006

[DVD] Angel Eyes (2001)

The only time I remember actually seriously watching a JLo movie, is The Wedding Planner, and that I had no choice since it was the only inflight entertainment movie. Here, she stars opposite the guy better known as playing Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ, Jim Caviezel.

In Angel Eyes, Jennifer Lopez plays a Chicago cop Sharon Pogue, who has some anger management issues, as well as date issues (waitaminute, you gotta suspend your disbelief at JLo not managing to snag a date). She comes from a home in which she walked out on, from domestic violence. She doesn't get chummy with family, and her friends are only the work colleagues from the Chicago Police Department.

Jim Caviezel plays Catch, a mysterious man who at first, looks like a stalker as he follows Sharon, only to have him help her apprehend a crook and saving her life in the process. Sharon starts to fall for Catch, and vice versa, but both of them have a past in which they build a wall around, and try as they want to open up to each other, they can't.

However, from the minute go, you'd already have a rough idea of who Catch is, just that the director Luis Mandoki, prefers to stretch that mystery for a tad too long. You know what had happened from the circumstances, and that might irritate you as the movie plods along with the fairly obvious.

And that's what the whole premise is about - 2 people trying to love and find each other, but first, have to let go of their past. Sharon has to make peace with her family, while Catch has to reconcile his, and move on. It's so simple, it makes you want to cry. The acting's deliberate, and there are minor plot points thrown in to spice up the story, but fact is, it isn't working. Perhaps for the sake of finding out exactly what happened to Catch's past life, that you might want to sit through the entire movie.

Code 3 DVD with no frills attached, rent it at your own peril.

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