Sunday, December 18, 2005

[DVD] Strictly Ballroom (1992)

With Strictly Ballroom, I've completed Baz Luhrmann's Red Curtain Trilogy, with the other two diverse films Romeo and Juliet, and Moulin Rouge, common only on the theme of love. Started out as a stage play, Strictly Ballroom tells a tale about (surprise!) ballroom dancing, with Luhrmann's signature touches on colours and zaniness.

Ballroom dancing might not appeal to many, but this film is thoroughly enjoyable. It begins with the Waratah Championship, where we witness protagonist Scott Hastings losing the opportunity to win it, given his last minute impromptu decision to dance his own dance, totally neglecting the rules and form of ballroom dance.

He loses his partner too, as she doesn't want someone to tangent off without letting her know, and of course, not wanting to stick to the norm. So left partnerless, Scott has to look for someone willing to partner him. In comes geeky Fran, a beginner who's looking for that big break into amateur ballroom dancing, and between the two, they form an unlikely alliance.

Thrown in to the fray are both Scott's and Fran's family objections. With the Hastings, they are constantly looking for worthy dance partners to pair up with their son for the upcoming Pan Pacific Grand Prix. For Fran's, they shake their head at Scott's lack of rhythm. Coming from a spanish dance background, they train the duo and put the rhythm back in their feet.

The climax is one which is cliched, but yet wonderful and moving. I'd bet if it's watched in a movie theatre, it'll have you up on your feet, and clapping away too.

This movie contains a whole array of colourful and offbeat characters that one associates with a Luhrmann film. There's also an element of mystery thrown in as well, which keeps the audience guessing. With a mainly Australian cast, the characters are what make this movie so rich. This movie has a lot of heart, watch it and you'll understand what I mean.

Code 1 DVD Extras: Samba to Slow Fox dance feature/documentary, 3D Picture Gallery, and the obligatory Audio Commentary.

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