Thursday, February 27, 2003


Originally Posted On: 27th Feb 2003


Don't believe what you read in the papers.
I was reading the hoo-har about whether Chicago should be passed uncut as an R(A) or NC-16, and in the end it was to be a PG-rated movie, with CUTS!


When asked what the cuts are and whether it will spoil the show, I recall this dude saying that the audience won't even realise the cuts


Wonder if he actually saw the show after it was cut to PG. To cut out lyrics to songs in a musical is a SIN!

So what if the song was sung when a couple's making whoopie??

Damn, it totally spoils it :P
and the cuts, like all other cuts in cinematic history, are all crudely done.

I could have done a better job (by leaving all scenes intact :P)

Anyway back to the movie, what can i say, it probably would stand a pretty good chance at the Oscars. Richard Gere's tap dance was cool, Renee Zellweger was sweet, though i thought at times she looked damn thin, Caterine Zeta Jones just steals the stage because she looks so big size now :P
as compared to her curvier Entrapment days :D

Hope to see a revival of musicals on the big screen.

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