Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sorority Row


I can't help but to compare this with I Know What You Did Last Summer, where one can make a slasher film by assembling a bevy of hot looking girls, never mind if they can act to save their lives, and designing enough innovative ways to make them fall to the killer's weapon of choice. It's pretty no brainer, and while this film succeeded in its casting, the way it went about dispatching its victims was a tad too boring.

Story centers around a group of sorority seniors whose prank went awry resulting in the demise of one of their own. The surviving members decide to hush it up after a great moral debate on what's right and wrong, and the voice of reason gets drowned out. Fast forward some 8 months later to graduation, they get haunted by the victim's phone messages and video clip of the event, that they decide to investigate just who is bumping them off one by one.

The filmmakers don't even try to make the killer an iconic one worthy for induction into Horror's Wall of Infamy, and designed yet another generic psychopath that are B-grade plenty. Body count is low too, and it didn't help that the characters are unlikable to begin with that you just don't bother if they live or die.

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