Wednesday, June 24, 2009

[Trailer] Blood Ties (還魂)

Some years ago a group of friends and I dabbled with short film making, plunging ourselves headlong into an insane 48 hour competition. That same competition had yielded Nicholas Chee and Randy Ang's short film which clinched top honours, and they had gone on to make the feature film Becoming Royston.

Chai Yee-wei was one of the participants in that very same contest, and a few award winning shorts later, look where he's at today, with a feature film under his belt too, waiting for a 3rd quarter release. As for my friends and I, well, erm, that's another story for another day.

I've followed Yee-wei's shorts film in recent years, having seen them either online, or at local film symposiums and festivals. While most of them were genuinely funny comedies, one short film stood out - Blood Ties, which was screened in 2007's Asian Film Symposium. It was mentioned during the Q&A then that there were plans to expand the short into a feature, so fast forward to today, a release date has been set - September 10!

The synopsis is currently somewhat thin, and reads
Many people believe that when a person dies, the spirit will return home on the 7th night. After Shun was brutally murdered, his spirit returned to possess his 13 year old sister to exact his revenge. On the 7th night, blood will flow and just deserts will be served.

And if a picture can tell a thousand words, then this recently released trailer has already piqued my interest with its excellent production values, being such a tease with promises of the supernatural, gore, and a murder-mystery wrapped under a tale of revenge. What more, it stars Asian veterans such as Kenneth Tsang and Cheng Pei Pei! Take a look:

I'm waiting for September!

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