Sunday, May 10, 2009

[DVD] Amusement (2009)

Behind You

This qualifies as one of the worst horror films that I've seen, given a film that relied totally on cliches and formula, and even then not getting it correct. Thankfully though it has a short running time to put you out of your misery soon enough, consisting actually of a number of short stories (well, at least it felt that way) extrapolated into a feature film. The chief villain lacks charisma to be anything memorable, not to mention iconic, and his lame name "The Laugh" is not even funny to begin with.

Bad acting, bad premise, and lacking of components to make your goosebumps stand and make you jump at your seat, this is certainly valuable for the only fact that it's a basic 101 guide on how not to make a bad movie. No wonder it hit the DVD shelves and had its theatrical release date junked. Watch this only if you want to know what pitfalls to avoid, or if you have DVD rental money to spare for a lazy weekend viewing, time which you can put to better use.

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