Saturday, April 11, 2009

[DVD] Plasterhead (2006)

Asking For It

While I understand this is a rookie effort from writer-director Kevin Higgins, one wonders if he had absolutely not watched any horror films at all to have included so many cliches from the genre that you can identify them at every turn, or had just lapsed into complete disregard. It is appreciated that he did not venture into the usual bag of cheap tricks in making your hair stand up, but didn't offer any alternative in crafting supposedly scary moments, that it looked very much bland and flat throughout.

There are more bad points about the film than good ones, and I think Plasterhead as a horror film can go down as what one should NEVER do when making a horror movie. As a character, Plasterhead lacked appeal, charisma (yes), has no modus operandi or signature moves that would make it a cult classic. Instead, he came across as very ordinary, save for one, and only one scene where the make up was well done, bringing out disgust without looking cheap.

It had aspired and probably had potential to be included in the Rogues Gallery of Horrific Cinematic Characters, but alas the weak execution, and plenty of bad acting all round, had condemned any thoughts of a sequel to creative hell.

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