Wednesday, January 14, 2009

[Gala Premiere] All's Well End's Well 2009 - The Mall Appearance

It's quite surreal actually to see the actors whom you've grown up watching on the big screen, appear right in front of you. Raymond Wong gained fame for his Happy Ghost series, and is quite the producer these days, the latest hit of his being Ip Man. And Sandra Ng looked like she's found a fountain of youth, as she's still looking svelte and just as we remembered her on screen, with a hearty sense of humour to boot too.

Together with director Vincent Kok, the trio were here to promote their latest film designed for the Lunar New Year period, the fourth movie in the All's Well End's Well series, one of which was a period piece that was actually shot in its entirety in Singapore's very own, and now defunct and demolished, Tang Dynasty Village.

Enjoy the videos below, capturing their meet and greet, a "Lo Hei" session, and some impromptu autograph signing before finally being convinced and whisked away by security. In Mandarin without subtitles.

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