Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Run Up To The Dark Knight

OK, so we've been faced with a barrage of miscellaneous posters, but what really amazed me is how WB cranked the marketing machinery on this one, with a slew of online websites, teasers, what-have-yous, to really toot the horn loudly for Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated sequel to Batman Begins.

No doubt there are no less than 5 TV spots out there in the last 24hrs, and having watched them (against good sense that they might contain potential spoilers), I thought that those precious minutes from a runtime of approximately 150, told me enough that Nolan got it spot on again. We go deeper into the psyche of the Bat, as well as the much touched upon theme in comic lore about his presence that actually draws the weird criminals out into Gotham. Plus Joker taunting and challenging the Bat to break his sacred oath? Spot on I tell ya!!!

I'm already creaming in my pants.

Meanwhile, there are also some manufactured "videos" that serve as supplementary material for the story in The Dark Knight. Here's a Gotham City TV current affairs programme titled, yup, Gotham Tonight. The first one here, which runs close to 8 minutes, touches on the election of Harvey Dent to District Attorney

while the second Gotham Tonight programme, gives us a 10 minute lowdown on Gotham's favourite son Bruce Wayne, with some really classic performances by Bale and Eckhardt in their respective characters that I bet you won't get to see in The Dark Knight, at least not in this version.

What's more, Nolan has moved, logically of course following the events from Batman Begins, Bruce/Bat's operations from stately Wayne Manor, to a penthouse. Fans will celebrate the fact that indeed our hero operated at a time from a penthouse in the comics version circa the 1970s.

I'll continue to update this entry as soon as more Gotham Tonight episodes appear. Do check back!

July 17 couldn't be here soon enough!

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