Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Jak Sie Masz! Vair Nice!

Borat is unapologetically vulgar. And it is no surprise that various groups, from the Kazakhstans, to the gypsies, gays, charismatic Christians, Jews, feminists, and even Americans themselves would find certain aspects of it distasteful. But I like, vair nice!

I liked the shock and awe tactics used on unsuspecting folks on the streets and various other locales in this mockumentary, never mind if some sequences were scripted, versus the spontaneity of others. There's slapstick, witty lines, double entrees, sight gags, toilet humour, fact is, the filmmakers threw in everything from the humour genre, save for the kitchen sink.

If there should be any semblance of a plot, it would be Borat's adventures to the United States and America, at first to learn the culture and good stuff that the Americans can offer, make a documentary for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan. From NY to Los Angeles, it becomes a road trip of sorts, with each city or town along the way made a pitstop for his madcap antics. Borat has a hidden agenda of course, and that is to track down and marry Pam Anderson, whom he fell in love while watching an old episode of Baywatch. That's all I will say, and I'll not even suggest anything in particular which I enjoyed for fear of ruining the pleasure for you. Word of advice: if you haven't seen the trailers, DON'T!

I shan't attempt to go into supposed deeper insights as I refuse to believe that this was made with the intention insulting others or find wicked pleasure at laughing at ourselves, or laughing at our own inner prejudices, blah blah blah. It's a god-damned crazy movie, and you must admit that Sacha Baron Cohen had the guts and gumption to pull off something like this with his Borat character. The only gripe, if I should have, would be the pacing of the movie. It's rather jarring as episodes are presented one after another, and the pace naturally goes whacked, especially with the slower bits. Thankfully, they were not allowed to drag on for too long, before another lighter moment takes over.

So if you're allergic to the sensitivities of the less fortunate, or cannot stand making fun of various self interest groups, then give Borat a miss. Otherwise, you're in for a rip-roaring good time, and remember to listen attentively to the dialogue - there are plenty of gems in there!

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