Saturday, September 16, 2006

John Tucker Must Die

I Agree with the Totally Wearing of Underwear to School Bit...

John Tucker Must Die has one of the most interesting trailers for a commercial cheesy girly flick, and it works to a certain extent, with the similarity in playing along the same lines as the Kill Bill title. I remember vividly each time after the trailer was aired, that some girls seated around me will almost always squeal with delight, so it's really no wonder if this flick proves to do well at the box office.

The good looking girls in school always capitalize on their assets to snag that one hot alpha male guy, and who else than John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe, the famous gardener from Desperate Housewives), captain of the school basketball team wearing that number 23 jersey, and with deep pockets lined with cash too? John's a serial player, and his conquests of the sexy one Beth (Sophia Bush), the brainy one Carrie (Arielle Kebbel) and the lead cheerleader with attitude Heather (Ashanti) left them with bad aftertaste after they found out about him dating them simultaneously. His technique? They belong to different cliques (guys take note), and his sweet nothings were easily bought into. I thought they made good tips too, ha!

Anyway they find out his rouse, and get all riled up in seeking revenge, enlisting the help of protagonist Kate Spencer (Brittany Snow), an unknown in school, now having the opportunity to become a legend by helping the girls turn the tables on John. While the girls are all sugar and spice and all things nice, they sure live up to the saying that hell knows no fury like a woman, or here, 3 women, scorned. They have their antics, but the power of the alpha male is to turn each bad situation around through their aura of incredible luck. At times though the movie seemed to lack focus and want to cover too much ground in too little time, having Kate jump right out of the pages of Never Been Kissed (1999), and subplots involving budding romances, and romances for real.

Despite being a popcorn flick, it did try to insert a moral message within its eye candy scenes, and that is a reminder to all in relationships, that we're dealing with real feelings and emotions with real people here, and it always hurts. Honesty goes a long way, and as a word of caution, those who go after a John Tucker, should already know what they're in for. On a side note, it also looks at how one should always be aware if you're not staying true to yourself, of being the creation of someone else and the leveraging on others to gain popularity.

That aside, the way to approach this teen movie is to sit back, relax, and put your brains to idle mode. In typical fashion, it's full of pop songs to entice teenagers, and stay tune through the end credits for a small scene inserted in between.

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