Sunday, November 13, 2005

... and the Winner is...

Not us. (oei, maiden foray into making a short film leh, whaddya expect?)


The more important thing is that we had loads of fun. And the experience and memories gained is something which would never be forgotten.

Who would've expected that we ended up with something that wasn't even totally, remotely, close to what we had in mind during first discussions? Who would've expected that we ended up with comedy and spoofs, when we originally thought about doing serious drama, which progressed to love, which morphed into suicide, and ...

Who would've expected that we did so many on-location shoots, some of which were unplanned of too? At some office rooftop, at Labrador Park, at some HDB block, at Esplanade, even dgital's place was used as well! (and became one of our publicity stills)

And the best part is sharing our effort together with the rest of the 52 teams (make that 40+ teams, as some had to drop out for various reasons), and the sweet satisfaction gained when the audience laughed with us (or at our absurbdity perhaps!)

There were short films of all ranges and genres, those that I can recall are serious drama, foreign language, bikini-clad-woman-walking-along-the-beach-picking-up-shell-which-swears-at-her (sorry, even in my slumber at Substation I remember this one :P), loads of swearing, Matrix spoof (I like their green screen effect), Karaoke video, students and teacher swearing in class, a social commentary, a blair witch spoof at Old Changi Hospital, Mahjong, a Loser / Creep music video, a computer game, a worshipper, WMD (heh, I like his accent), carpark rendezvous, animation (cute cat that), a couple from overseas (I like their technical abilities, though I think they were let down by their storyline?) and one at a hospital too!

But of course, the Winner stood out, for their Kung Fu Hustle spoof.

Then again, cheers to all the participants in Fly By Night Video Challenge 2005!

I've been in a game show to experience how tough it is to be under pressure, under spotlights, and now, after going through this, it's never easy making movies (who said it was anyway?), even though they may be crappy ones. There's always a story to every movie, and later on, I shall share about The Undecided :-)

Watch this space!

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