Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Pacifier

It seems like at some point in time, all Hollywood beefcakes just have to make that foray from action movies to comedies. Stallone did it with Stop Or My Mom Will shoot, and Schwarzeneggar did it with Kindergarten Cop. Now, we have Vin Diesel playing nanny to a bunch of kids in The Pacifier.

The plot is so formulaic that you can guess the villain of the show the minute he appears. Vin Diesel plays a Navy Seal tasked with protecting the kids of a professor who was killed during a botched mission. As with these films, the kids at first resent his presence, and he feels extremely uncomfortable in this new role like fish out of water. But through everyday interaction and facing common adversities, they bond well and in time for the final showdown with the villains.

It's refreshing to see Vin Diesel take on a comedic role, but somehow he doesn't seem to feel at ease, probably because it's his debut in this genre. While you may cringe at some of the set pieces of the show, you might go "awwww" at some of the antics the younger children pull off.

However, the editing of the film could be improved somewhat, as at times, especially in the first 30 minutes, somehow feels choppy and cutting from scene to scene with very little realism of "film time". I suppose that many scenes over a "film time" of 48 hours were filmed, but some parts of it ended up on the editing room floor, or perhaps saved for the DVD.

But for those wanting a relatively entertaining evening, then this show is still enjoyable, but do not expect anything more than an average action-comedy flick.

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