Wednesday, January 19, 2005


This movie picks off a few years after Daredevil, though it almost severs all ties with the movie it spun off from. The narrative is heavily filled with flashbacks, slow motion and the "power of meditation", which makes the pacing uneven.

One of the major dangers of superhero movies is when the villains upstage the protagonist. Here, colourful villains that look like castaways from Mortal Kombat (hey, they got an alumni actor!) could have brought more potential to the show, but somehow were reduced to one dimensional, shallow cartoony characters with little dialogue. Guess not everyone can make an "X-Men" movie with tons of characters, yet with a fulfilling feel to it all, though their powers and the special effects were notable highlights.

Another danger is the lack of involvement from the creator. No doubt Stan Lee did not create Elektra, somehow it doesn't really feel like a Marvel movie without his cameo appearance. Frank Miller, the creator, certainly did not have a hand in this show, which tells.

Jennifer Garner is hot hot hot in red red leather, and the camera lingers onto every strut. I was surprised the local censors passed without a cut, the smooch between Elektra and Typhoid Mary.

In summary, paraphrasing what Electra says, this movie has too many variables and lacks background. At times it tries to sound sophisticated, but most of the time, reduced to a simplistic action movie with nothing new to offer and leaving many subplots introduced, unresolved.

3 references to Daredevil
1. The Pendant she has
2. A little flashback clip showing what happened to her after Daredevil
3. A Daredevil grafftti in one scene

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